Winter Newsletter

In the picture above is Raquel with one of our first students who is graduating from trade school. We are at her families party. A lot of our older students are now entering the work force and so we are adapting.

In December we did something new, we had a job training class. We contracted through the county of Sacramento to help train at-risk youth on how to better succeed in the work place. Of course, we thought this would be an excellent resource for our Muslim refugee students who are defined as at-risk due to language, financial and social barriers.

In our first group of students we were able to get one of our older students Isaiah into the program. He is an older child in a family where every single person must work to make ends meet. Because of their language level and various challenges of being an immigrant most of the drive for uber, sharing one car. Now I love uber, but when you drive for them and consider, gas, insurance, wear and tear on the vehicle, & the taxes, the take home is not that much.

We took Isaiah through 40-hours of training, we taught him a gambit of subjects on how to be a good employee, as well as walking through the differences in culture he will have to overcome. He said that just going through the mock interviews was helpful for him as an English learner. Now he has an interview set up with a good company. We are helping him, and his family set strong foundations in their new home for success.

We are excited about this new tool we have at our disposal and the potential it has for more refugee youth to participate in it. Everything we do is to build long, lasting relationships in the Muslim refugee community. When we can help young adults in a practical way it gives us more rapport in theirs lives and more opportunities to be a positive example