Winter Newsletter

Christmas time is special, for many reasons. Over the last couple of years one of those reasons has become delivering Christmas trees. We use the Christmas time as an opportunity to bring trees to our refugee families. It started small as something we did with just our students and has grown each year. Last year we connected 15 refugee families with 15 American families and the stories that came out of it were special. Here a three of their stories;

The Patin Family ­– They were unsure of what to expect or what was going to happen but immediately felt welcomed. They arrived at 5pm expecting to stay for a couple of hours for a meal and ended up staying until 11pm, well after their translator had to leave. Bahar, the mother in the refugee family said she hadn’t smiled so much as she watched the two families’ children play together

The Armstrongs – We were unable to secure a translator for their visit, but they went anyway because they saw the value. They sat awkwardly for awhile and drank a lot of tea. They brought a Christmas book and read it to the entire family.

Molina – Molina’s day started out tough and continued to be difficult. Everything that day was a struggle, including the weather as it was pouring rain. She realized as soon as she got to the home that there was a reason that she was visiting this family. They were both single mothers and Molina being an immigrant could relate to the refugee’s families experience. She shared what Christmas was all about. By the time Molina had shared her story with us in January she had already been back to visit two times.

These are just a couple of stories, that illustrate what we believe. It doesn’t take a lot, it just takes some of us sharing some love with those who have been through a lot. We are looking forward to hearing the stories that come out of this year’s tree giveaway as we help facilitate families spending time with our refugee families.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.