Volunteer Opportunity February 2016

As we meet with people and share about our work the number one question we get is “How can we get involved?”. I wanted to bring you two opportunities.

Opportunity #1: Camp with the Refugees

When: February Friday 19 – Sunday 21
Where: Greenville, Ca
What: This will be a weekend retreat with our students from our refugee life coaching class. The trip is all about building relationships. Building friendships with refugees is the best way to make them welcome in their new home. There will be basic English lessons and discussion groups.
How: If you would like to be involved in this weekend trip call me ASAP (925) 550-9673
Cost: FREE!

Opportunity #2: Spring Break Baja Trip

When: March 20th-26th
Where: Vicente Guerrero
What: No refugees on this trip (Sorry 🙁 ). We will be taking our at-risk students on a trip south of the border. While we are there we will be building a house for the poorest of the poor. It is a time to poor into the lives of both to our at-risk students and the indigenous field workers of Baja.
How: fill out and application at www.studentreach.org/bajasignup
Cost: $395