Violence in our Schools

For the last couple of months every time I show up for one of my Refugee Life Coaching Classes there is a cop car parked out in front of the school. It is always for the same reason, there has been a fight at the school. Cultures are clashing specifically at one of our schools. Refugee students are struggling to be understood and be integrated into the school population and this is manifesting with violence.

One of our lessons is about putting problems in perspective, and I asked about the problems they are currently having. They were typical problems. My phone won’t hold a charge, my parents won’t let me do what I want, I am not allowed to play as many video games as I want, there are too many fights and school isn’t safe. I then asked them what the problems were before they left Afghanistan. These were more like; There are too many gangs on the road, Terrorist are taking people from schools, Terrorist won’t let girls learn, School isn’t safe. It was a sobering moment to see how much these kids lives have changed in the last couple of years and how some things are the same.

Our schools are under attack, each week there is another report of a shooting. Each week there is another fight at my local school. One of schools was placed on lock down because of a shooting threat. The problem with our schools is a cultural one. Without a cultural shift we will continue down the same path. Our students need intervention in their lives and training on how to be healthy and successful so they can break the cycle cross culturally.