This morning there was a Call…

The morning starts with a call. A call to prayer. I hear the muffled voice and the words of a language I do not know, I realize that I am no longer home. The sun is rising and so are the followers, we rise with them to start the day. We are now living in our new apartment. We along with our team members moved into an apartment complex that is close to the new education center we will be working at and in a close proximity to the primary school some of the team members are already work at daily. Living here is like living in a dream and at times it can feel a little overwhelming as we attempt to become a part of this small apartment community in this giant city.

Everyday Adam and I put our minds to the test as we strive to one day become fluent in a new language of the people that we will be working with. As we strive to learn Somali we are encouraged by the voices and words that fill the air of the apartment complex in the evening. We are encouraged by the few words we understand, “Adiga” – “You”, “Ha” – “Yes”, “Maya” – “No” (this word seems to be favorite of the children in the complex, I am pretty sure they have a song called “Maya”). Hours and hours of learning and these are things that I know so far. We are assured we know more than we think. If you are interested in the technique we are learning this language with search “GPA – Thompson Language Method” Apparently we have a “Language Glacier” that is filled with unseen vocabulary that has been taught to us and will slowly reveal itself. I do have to say, that this method has allowed us to make major strides and feel confident with our abilities. In comparison to other methods I have used to learn language with this is by far the best.

As we sit and sip our “Shah” (tea) during language class we laugh at ourselves as we all try to make noises that I was pretty sure could only be made when one sneezed or coughed. We often stare blankly at our amazing and extremely patient teacher Ahmed as he demonstrates the difference in the words “Giiri” and “Giri”, I nod my head “yes” and say…”Fione?” (Good). HAHA… Thank you Ahmed for your patience with us!

We strive to be better neighbors, better teachers, better friends and better foreigners in this land called Kenya.

If you are  part of our team and need information on your financial giving or just want to connect with us please send us and email with your questions to: OR if you want to become a financial supporter of the work we are doing at the education center and in this neighborhood please email us!

Thank you all for your good thoughts and we miss you all.

Nabadgelio for now!