The New Co-Workers

Today was the first day of PFO — Pre-Field Orientation — for Adam and I. One of the first things I learned at PFO, was that there may come a point where one should stop trying to memorize every acronym.  So at this point I will memorize the ones that matter the most for that day… today it is PFO. Aside from hearing some very intriguing stories from people who have done what we are about to do, we met some VERY important people.

As I groggily flipped through the PFO handbook I came across a page with pictures of our peers and their names . I began to notice a vague familiarity in some of the names. A familiarity that I will never forget from this day forward. As we moved from one room to the next I began to search the faces and name tags trying to identify the names I knew.

As I stood in line waiting for the elevator , I came across one of the name tags I was on the look out for it said “Joe — Kenya”. Jackpot! I meekly introduced my self to not look like too much of a stalker. Yep one of our team members who is also planning on working in Kenya for the next 2 years! And in a week he will have married his Fiance which makes 1 more to add to the list.

We were directed to a table that was specifically for those journeying  or in Swahili — Safaring to Kenya (look at me learning Swahili already!). As I sat down at the small table with Adam and my new co-worker Joe I looked around and BAMM! 2 more names! Alyssa and Julie both will be working with us in Kenya and even better, they actually have been there.

We hit it off well, at least from my point of view that is. So to sum up today, PFO was rewarding and I got to meet the people I will be Safaring to Kenya with.