The Hardest Working Baby in the Biz



Just as we wind down from the summer of a lifetime it seems like we are winding right back up. Adam leaves for Poland in less than two weeks for what is going to be the longest he has spent away from our little boy ever. Wishing I could go along and bring Des, is all that I can think about (maybe next time around), but I do at least get to take part in some pretty cool stuff before the big Poland trip.

If you remember from a newsletter we sent out around May, we talked about how we were hoping to plan and start a youth camp by the new school year. Well! It is happening. Next week Mr. Des (the hardest working baby in the non-profit world 😉 – we give him breaks don’t worry), his dad and I, are going to be helping to take students on the StudentReach “Expedition Wilderness” experience. Getting to be apart of something that you help to create from the beginning brings a great sense of accomplishment when the debut finally comes. During my time at the camp I will be taking notes (in between tending to Des), about the activities, student response and how impactful the camp is. I have my pencil sharp, and my notepad ready (OK lets be real, my laptop is charged).

So here is to another whirlwind of work, activities and of course some fun.