Summer Newsletter

As we enter the summer, we wanted to lay out our plan for the center. The last few months have been great for Sacramento Youth Center. Through our online curriculum we have connected with even more refugee students, as well as becoming a resource to two school districts to help their students. We were even able to have some volunteer opportunities with local projects, while of course following the protocols for our county.

Soon we will be able to re-open, and with re-opening comes us looking toward the coming school year. We know many school districts have talked about continuing online school in some way. We see this as a confirmation of the vision we have. To create a safe place for students to study, hangout, experience extra-curricular activities while being mentored by caring adults.

While we are looking at the future needs of our students, we realize we will have to expand quickly to meet those needs. We will need to grow our location, provide more resources, and recruit more mentors and volunteers. This all takes money.

What we would like to ask is that you would consider supporting Sacramento Youth Center on a monthly basis. If you already give, would you be willing to increase your support? If you don’t give or give inconsistently would you be willing to sign up for monthly support of the Sacramento Youth Center? You can give here

All of your support would go straight to the needs of Sacramento Youth Center. A larger facility, Learning resources for our students, and to help pay our mentors to continue their amazing work in the lives of our students.

Have a great summer, and when things re-open come visit us at our center