Summer Newsletter

Recently I returned from an amazing trip in Thailand. While I was there, I traveled to an area that is mostly Buddhist and Islamic. The people I was visiting had long worked with the Buddhist and International community helping them be healthy though Muay Thai and nutrition counseling. They wanted to connect with the Muslim segment of the community. We told them about how our program works with teenagers no matter their faith.

5 years ago, Raquel and I were in Nairobi struggling to connect with our own ESL students. That is when StudentReach came on a mission’s trip and introduced us to their brand-new life coaching curriculum. The curriculum has evolved quite a bit over the last five years, but it remains one of the best tools for relationship building and speaking Universal truths into some of the most difficult areas.

In Thailand, we had a challenging circumstance, one I would not have sign up for to be certain. I was told we were going to have 25 students ( a lot but not impossible) who were English students and a translator just in case instead we had 50 students all in one room, all not speaking English and our translator was less than fluent.

However, despite the challenges we had huge success. Both our friends and the teachers at the Islamic school were thrilled and want us and our friends to come back and present the curriculum again. I believe this is for a reason. , The power of truth and health. We have a plan for health and human flourishing, when you give people those tools they are engaged by it, across language and culture.

People are attracted to healthy people, no matter their background. When we live these principles out in our lives and teach them as values, we become an example to everyone around us. Because we taught these 50 Muslim students some principles of health, the will not only be healthier and more successful but now they want to be connected with our friends who are dedicated to helping people be more healthy.