Spring Newsletter

The first quarter of the year has been amazing for our work with Muslim refugees. Our coaching class on campus at a local high school has doubled in size and we are talking with the school to begin a student pull out during school hours.

Adam traveled to Portland to meet with schools in January to begin a life coaching program with their Somali refugee population. After several great meetings, doors have been opening. We are resourcing an amazing couple that has experience working with teenagers and a passion to help refugees. As we prepare to expand our reach into Portland, Oregon we are looking forward to more people like ourselves who will be able to build meaningful relationships with refugees. Relationships that can lead to conversations about living a healthy life. We have had opportunities to connect our students with healthy and inspirational people. This is our same goal for Portland and all the other regions that have refugees.

With Refugees being in the news more than ever and having become such a hot button topic, our program has been thrust into the spotlight. In January, a local news channel ran a story about our program and one of our students. You can view it here; theshipps.com/abc-10-spotlight

class is growingPeople have asked how the “Extreme Vetting” executive order has affected our work. The short answer is, it hasn’t. We are continuing to work hard to reach out and help people that have ended up on our shores. The news changes every day on what is happening with “the ban”, but we know what we are meant to do and will continue sharing love with refugees wherever they are at.