Somali Poem

I thought I would share this poem with you. One of my students brought it in when we first started teaching.


Born from the land of poets

Where the word is a weapon

A place for both a mullah and the meek


Yet in this time the once proud has lost the rhyme

Expression is a must yet few can speak

Those who lead are the epitome of the weak


Now we destroyed the cities and hope is turn

Smoke pollutes the air and the wise has gone


Lord send me from this shame for I have hurt, don’t forget me in the hour of pain


Zero to nothing negative to absolute despair

Mogadishu is a far dream the blood pours but no one cares


We await a messiah the Mehdi who will lead us to our land

The land of the horn our fathers home

Where a man is appreciated and a woman is loved


Somalia I will love you till the end, the tears in my eyes I have yet to comprehend


Burhan Warsame (Dantay 7/16/02)