Saying “See Ya Later”



With only 17 days left to our departure there has inevitably come a point where we must say goodbye. We have spent the last year or so planning for these days, meticulously organizing for these days and preparing for these moments… of saying “See ya later.”

This is the laughter and Love that I am going to miss!

My mom has always corrected me while growing up, that when you leave you do not say “Goodbye” instead you say “See ya later”, and if there has ever been a time in my that this should ring true it is now.

We have been given 2 going away parties this month. One from our friends and just this past Saturday we attended my family’s “Going Away Party” for the two of us.  Being told goodbye from so many people at once is overwhelming mentally and emotionally. It feels like there is not enough time. But that’s the point of this all. We are going to Kenya because we feel it is imperative to do so and that this is the time to try to make a difference in the lives of a few to provide doors of opportunity in the future for all.

During this time of “See ya later”, I had one of my biggest fears come to be. One of my aunts found out last week that she has cancer and is now starting the treatments to get her healthy again. Finding out something like this is scary. I know that my family will be battling fear for me, but at the same time I am praying that they are safe back home as well.

~I Love you Tia and know that no matter how far away from one another we are I will be praying for you~

So as I hang-on to the necks of my loved ones for a few moments, I am trying to absorb enough of them, to last the two years that we will be spending away from them. I know that it is hard on them and I know for a fact that it is just as hard for us.