Responding to the Ban

I have struggled with what to write in the wake of the immigration ban passed by President Trump. While we could debate all day about whether it’s a good idea or not, and I have opinions on it that I won’t share. While it changes everyday what is actually happening I will share is our plan. 
We plan on continuing to work hard. Our refugee students are especially confused and hurt. They have been pushed out of their country by radical Islam and now they feel unwelcome in their new home. We have an opportunity help them feel loved by a nation and by individual acts.  
We will continue to love and help our students. We will work hard to be an example of love in their lives, and if you have an opportunity I would encourage you to show love to our refugee friends. 
No matter where you are at on the political spectrum the question is what do we do with these people who are lost and living down the street from us. The answer is to love them. We will continue to do that and in 120 days when the ban is over we will to love the new group of incoming refugees. 
If you are curious about what it takes to become a refugee, here is a video of what the screening process for refugees coming to the U.S. looks like;