Rapping Refugee

One of our Afghan students is an aspiring rapper. He has shared one of his raps with us. It is about his experience in the Turkish refugee camps and the hardships he overcame while living there. Below is the audio, below that are a rough translation of the lyrics.




I’m back again with my rejection on the brain

Despite the grief and pain of your tired body

I wrote and I know you’re feeling bad

You are nostalgic and nothing can calm you

You’re not in the mood, and you hate this world and its people too

With a pen and paper all the night you are awake until morning

You write because you have words to say like me

You know when I am writing I am feeling better

The paper is saying to my pen, write I’m his best friend


I was worried, I was afraid of many things in my life until I experienced them, and now I have not fear for them

I was afraid to be alone, I learned to love myself, I was afraid of failure until I understand the tried not to is failure


I write and I sing of these days that I saw and am seeing

My pen is ever with me until I am done with this life

Know this life doesn’t have nice moments for you, like me

Just sitting all night and write of the lyrics that doesn’t have some power and this goes in to other poems

It’s not important to know that these days are going to be hard

In this time the bad moments are more than the good moments

The people are changing day by day

They are returning badness for goodness

It’s not important that I am getting like a smoke over the sky

If I walk in the street all the night

If all of my words are bitter

You know!? Because my heart drowned in to the sorrows sea.