Post-Poland Post

IMG_20141010_104425I am still recovering from my trip to Poland, I am over the jet lag but near the end of our trip I got a head cold and it is still kicking my butt. Our trip to Poland was amazing. We couldn’t of have had a more strategic impact on the schools we worked with.

We started off with a weekend with a group of student leaders from all over the country. They were hand selected by local leaders of non-profits from across the nation. We were able to spend time with these students teaching them the tools we have learned over the years for being an effective leader.

After spending the weekend with thIMG_20141006_103057e student leaders our team headed out to do school assemblies. We crisscrossed Poland as we performed our assembly program DayOne3D. We focused on human trafficking, anti-bullying, and positive self-worth. We gave the students tools to combat the problems they are facing, while connecting them with local non-profit leaders who are doing something effective.

Every time we arrived at a school we just got a sense that we were where we were supposed to be. In each school we would spend a long time speaking with students who had overcome similar things to each of us. Students who were abused, students who have a learning disability, students who have terrible family situations, and students who are surrounded by those with special needs. Each one of us were able to connect at some point with a student who had the same story as us.

IMG_20141008_142502We had a great time in Poland and we are working at implementing follow up programs with the non-profits on the ground. We are looking forward to coming back and seeing the progress in the schools and the students’ lives.