Parallelogram Season

“I am so glad I learned about parallelograms instead of taxes in school, it really helps me out during parallelogram season” this shower thought on a popular subreddit /r/showerthoughts perfectly encapsulates why our Life Coaching program is effective at helping students break the cycles in their lives.

A survey in 2015 asked over 1500 students what they had wished they learned in high school, the number one answer, emotional health. If you google what I wish I learned in high school, you will get list of answers. These lists usually include, how to get a job, how to set and achieve goals, how control your emotions, how to have better healthier relationships.

These are all subjects we cover in our life coaching students. We are giving the tools of success everyone wished they had to at-risk, homeless and refugee students. Helping them break the cycles of abuse, poverty, and unhealth in their own lives so they can live up to their fullest potential.