Palm Springs-Portland Possibilities

Last week was an exciting week for our continued work with refugees. I traveled the west coast exploring new exciting opportunities to better serve and reach the Muslim refugees. We started the week by traveling to Palm Springs to check our an amazing learning center and then headed up to Portland to present to a school board.


In Palm Springs, we met with a man who is running a learning center for an online charter school. He is willing to partner with us and set up a school at his cost here in Sacramento. We will be able to cater to our refugee needs closer than the public-school system is. His organization will take care of the educational piece while we will take care of the social/emotional piece. All while giving us more access to our students, and more of an opportunity to grow our relationships.


A couple of weeks ago we received a call from the couple in Portland we are working with to get that program off the ground. They wanted us to present to the school board of the 2nd largest school district in the state to see if they want to fund our program for their schools next school year. We brought the A team and had an excellent presentation that ended very positively.

Excited things are happening in our work, more and more doors open every day.