Fall Newsletter 2020

As we continue to move through 2020, I am certain that none of us will ever forget this year. Every month something new seems to shift our culture, our perspective, and our personal lives. TheContinue reading

Summer Peer Mentor Internship

I wanted to give you a small update on what we have been up to for the last two weeks. We are happy to share the Sacramento Youth Center was a recipient of the #SacYouthWorksContinue reading

Summer Newsletter

As we enter the summer, we wanted to lay out our plan for the center. The last few months have been great for Sacramento Youth Center. Through our online curriculum we have connected with evenContinue reading

Spring Newsletter 2020

While planning this newsletter the world has changed quite a lot in the last few weeks. Thankfully we already started developing our new program that I wanted to share with you. With that in mindContinue reading

Fall Newsletter

This summer Raquel and I have taken advantage of school being out and got some much-needed rest, spent time with our new foster-to-adopt baby (more on her later) and most importantly sought what we shouldContinue reading

Summer Newsletter

Recently I returned from an amazing trip in Thailand. While I was there, I traveled to an area that is mostly Buddhist and Islamic. The people I was visiting had long worked with the BuddhistContinue reading

Sacramento Calls

When I first returned to Sacramento pregnant, jet lagged and uncertain of the future, I did not realize that I was about to start something. All I wanted was a comfy chair and painless deliveryContinue reading

Spring Newsletter

Early in the school year I (Raquel) had a classroom full of kids at a new school. Alongside an eager volunteer, I was excited to meet so many new faces and see their enthusiasm forContinue reading

Parallelogram Season

“I am so glad I learned about parallelograms instead of taxes in school, it really helps me out during parallelogram season” this shower thought on a popular subreddit /r/showerthoughts perfectly encapsulates why our Life CoachingContinue reading

Winter Newsletter

In the picture above is Raquel with one of our first students who is graduating from trade school. We are at her families party. A lot of our older students are now entering the workContinue reading