June Newsletter

IMAG0336It is weird to think that we have been in Africa for half a year, and it has been a crazy 6 months. When we began this journey we knew it was going to be hard, and it has been hard. In the past three months we have been touched by personal tragedy, injury, and the struggles of emerging like a baby would, into our new host culture. We have truly learned what it means to die to ourselves, but we hold fast to our knowledge that we are supposed to be here.

We have had an amazing few months working with Somalis. As many of you know Somalis are a hard people to work with, another teacher told me “you have to be crazy to work with Somalis” we might be because we are truly loving being a part helping this people group. These last few months we have been welcomed into Somali homes, attended a wedding, and become proficient in eating pasta with out hands. It has been our goal to work with Somalis for a long time know and we are continually amazed that we are here working with these people because of people who believe in us.IMAG0339

In the last three months our friendship with our language teacher mentioned in our last news letter has grown as much as our ability to speak. We have continued to share with him about our lives, and because he is such a fantastic teacher we are able to do it all in Somali. We were able to be a part of his wedding and experience some amazing parts of Somali culture. Sadly our time with Ahmed has come to an end, but we know we are friends for life. With Ahmed exiting we now have a new teacher Hamdi for the last few remaining weeks, she is also a Somali. We are hoping to develop a friendship with her that will last past language training.

At the beginning of the month, we officially opened our language center. Since we IMG_20130610_105856arrived we have been diligently preparing, learning the language and the culture and it has all come to fruition. We are now teaching English as a second language (ESL) every day. The school works as an amazing outlet to build relationships with Somalis, and we are genuinely helping the Somalis, because most of them want to go to the U.S and find a better life. We teach our classes in a way that we can truly connect with our students; we have already been invited to hang out with them outside of class. We hope that through these classes we can inspire our students to turn around and help their own people. Everything we do here is with that goal in mind.

We are so grateful for this opportunity we have and we a grateful for the amazing people that help make it happen. If you have anything you want to tell about us use comments below or email us at  Adam@TheShipps.com or Raquel@TheShipps.com .