July Newsletter

These last three months have been exciting for our work. In April we began our life coaching program with refugees from Afghanistan. It was the culmination 10 months of hard work and it was amazing to see it come to fruition. An amazing organization called World Relief has allowed us to partner with them, providing refugee youth for our program. A local community group has built a great relationship with the local Muslim community and is the hosting spot for our group.

The group started small but has grown and we have a group of Afghani and Turkish refugees meeting with us every week and talking about life. The group fills a need in these students lives who need to learn the culture of their new country and skills to succeed here. This is an amazing opportunity and a great way to build community.

What is great about this group is that it is a test group. We want to see this program grow. We are working to start our second group in August. We hope that it continues to grow from there and we can start a group wherever there are Refugees.

Our group has grown to 7 people. This group allows for youth coming from similar backgrounds to find a community strengthening their likelihood for success here in America. They are forming friendships and getting to share in this new experience of living in America with their peers.

Our refugee life coaching class is just one of the many things we were involved in these last three months. We have spent 3 weeks in Baja since April, building a total of 6 houses. As usual the construction we do for the locals of Baja is only half the trip. We also had a chance to bring along our at-risk student we work with in the public schools. We were able to help teach them valuable life skills and job training in Baja.

In June we even had homeless students building a home for someone in Baja! Adam also went to camp with a group of homeless students, which was an incredible experience. Of course we also had the two public school life coaching groups we are involved in every week.

Thank you for your continued support of our work, we believe that our work will continue to grow exponentially through your support. We could not do what we do without you. You are helping bring hope to refugees and at-risk students in Northern California.


Personal Note

In June we celebrated Desmond’s first birthday. It has been an amazing year with him. He is a trooper and a world traveler who has spent over a month of his little life in Baja. He is a road warrior and such a cool little kid.


Thank you,

The Shipps