It is Soo Cliché but… this is HUMBLING!

 As we enter into our last two months here in America, many things are on our mind and we are trying to juggle it all in an attempt to accomplish what some might think as impossible. The pieces of the puzzle all must come together in a manner so perfect that it is mind boggling and overwhelming at times. The pieces range from raising money from donors, moving out and finding reliable renters for our home all while packing in such a way that I don’t end-up in Kenya with twelve pairs of shoes and no toothbrush. Just today we said goodbye to our dog Ali who thankfully will be living with Adam’s parents until our return. That last part broke my heart a little… sweet Ali I will miss you – ruff! Just thinking about how much it will hurt to leave friends and family is scary!


And while we rearrange our lives for what we believe is something greater than ourselves, we leap in faith and are hoping and working for financial support to come our way, because with this great leap comes the need for funds. If you haven’t heard from us in a request to join our financial support team already, you may be hearing from us soon.


Asking for financial support is something that I am not fully accustomed to, but I am aware it is necessary. The full time Non-profit work that Adam does with students currently, is supported 100% by personal financial donors, I have supplemented my half of the pot with an 8-5 job for the past two years. I have relied on the check from the boss, but now that I have quit my job to pursue the work we will will do I will have to rely on others. It is daunting and this may sound like a cliché but is completely true… it is HUMBLING.


I am not going to lie about fundraising, it is weird to ask for money from your friends and people you barely know. It is weird to call or send a message saying “Hi…do you want to support us and the work we will be doing… for the greater good of course!”. OK, so it doesn’t go that way exactly but you know what I mean. This type of fundraising that we are doing has been done by many others for thousands of years and without this act of Fundraising little would have ever gotten done. So as I squeamishly write out a note or dial a phone in my feeble attempts to fundraise, just know that I am really putting myself out there. I would much rather be on your end of conversation, and in fact I would love to be the one to give. Because of this desire to be the one to give, we confidently continue to fundraise, because I know without a doubt that people like to give just like me. And those of you who are reading and have said yes to joining our team I say thank you for responding and giving to us – You are an encouragement to continue on with the fundraising no matter how weird it is.


At this moment we need approximately 15% more of our monthly support to be fully funded and ready to board the plane on the 27th of December. The pages on the calendar have flipped FAST these last few months and I am pretty sure it is speeding up.



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