Inviting Pain

I heard a joke once that was, “When you buy a dog your basically buying sadness 10 years from now.” It’s true, funny and a little dark. Raquel and I have started a new period in our life, where we are fostering to adopt. Last week we had our first placement, a beautiful baby girl that brought us joy and love for 3 days before she was unexpectedly reunited with her family.

We are happy with the role we have played in the life of this baby. We were there for her during a crucial point in her life. It was one of the most painful moments finding out we will no longer be a part of this babies’ life. We knew this was a possibility from the beginning and we knew that it was going to be hard. We invited this pain into our life because we believe its important to demonstrate sacrificial love. This week’s events made me appreciate those who have invited pain into their lives for me.

When we speak about our program I speak of inconvenience and how inconveniences can be a wonderful thing. I challenge people when I ask them what inconvenience they would put up with to see their refugee neighbors.

After this week I realize it’s not inconvenience but pain. Now, the question is what kind of pain we need to experience to make refugees feel welcome. What hurt must we endure to model sacrificial love to those who are new to our home?