Friends from California

10337720315_ec619b1581_b Wow, it has been almost a week since our friends from the United States left and I am still recovering. We have had an awesome week and it has been great to hang out with the great people we used to work with in California. While it was awesome to “get the band back together” as someone put it, that was not the greatest part.

The greatest moments were getting to see our relationships with our students grow. Having the California team rea10332479464_33f9432d3a_o-1lly gave us an opportunity to push the relationships with our students to another level. The team utilized some of their life coaching material which they use in schools while working with struggling students. The material ranged from emotional trauma that causes problem behaviors to what are your dreams and how to accomplish them.

Through these discussions we were able to get a lot closer and grow our relationships to a deeper level. As the group opened up and told there life stories we were able to get a better glimpse into their personal lives and we were able to open up and share. In the four days the team was here we saw our relationships have months of growth.

I just want to say thank you to the team. Not just for 10337791546_4459dde33f_bthe reminiscing with old friends and the making of new friends. Not just for the goodies from the U.S. (I am enjoying my milk duds and starbursts), but for the incredible relationships you helped push forward. We are here to teach English, but we want so much more than that. We want lifelong friends and we want to find new and interesting ways to help them accomplish their goals. So once again thank you.