Father’s Day

I love stories, but I love stories that are life changing the most. Raquel and I can now tell one of most life changing stories in our own lifes. On Saturday June 14th Raquel and I were at my sisters Graduation Party. My sister is graduating from Culinary Arts School and is headed into full time work in that field. After a long day at my parent’s house, Raquel told me she wasn’t feeling well and would like to go home, or what is seconding as our home right now Raquel’s parents’ house.

We get home at about 10:00pm Raquel goes to bed and settle in for some solid video game time. I knew once the baby comes I would no longer have time for video games. 15 minutes later, or as I was keeping track of time two matches in Titanfall, Raquel tells me her water broke. After a quick call to the doctor, we start preparations to head to the hospital.

One of the funny things about this story is where everything is located. We had decided to give birth in Antioch, for many reasons even though it was not the closest hospital to where we were living. One reason is my Mom works there as a labor and delivery nurse, so we knew we were going to get good treatment. Another reason is because every laboring mother gets their own private room. The hospital closes to us you have to share a room.

The hospital we chose is in Antioch which is five minutes away from my parents’ house in Oakley. Where we were at the beginning of the story, remember? But we had left and driven 30 minutes to my in-laws house in Benicia.

So we head back to Antioch and 25 minutes later we are in the hospital room. About 19 hours later at 6:22pm on June 15th on Father’s Day my son, Desmond was born. It was the most beautiful moment of my life. He was 6lbs 10oz and 19 inches long, and I know all parents say this but the cutest baby in world.

I am so thankful this story is a part of my life. Desmond is the best thing that has happened to me. I love him and Raquel so much. It was my first Father’s Day and I imagine I will never get a better gift then the one my wife gave me this year.


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