Fall Newsletter

This summer Raquel and I have taken advantage of school being out and got some much-needed rest, spent time with our new foster-to-adopt baby (more on her later) and most importantly sought what we should do in the coming new school year. We thought strategically about how we need to evolve our work with refugee youth in Sacramento.

We are excited to announce that we are going to be opening a Youth Center in Sacramento to run our programs out of. For so long we have been operating our socio-emotional health program at individual public schools once a week, with once a month events and once a semesters camp. This has been a great tool for relationship building, but we usually only see our students once a week and we can tell they want more opportunities to connect to us throughout the week.

We are working on providing a safe location for the students to come hangout, work on homework, and receive our mentoring program. This will give us the ability to connect with students everyday of the week. It will allow our students who are in sports and other extra-curricular activities to still participate in our programs and give us a chance to continue pouring into our alumni students. We will do this, all while providing a much-needed service to the local community.

In addition, because of our diligent work in the refugee community of Northern California we have been awarded a contract with the California Department of Social Services to run our program with refugee youth. This is an amazing confirmation of the work we have been doing and an amazing way to launch our youth center.

Our family has also grown this summer. We had a foster placement of a 6-month-old beautiful little girl in July. She is precious and is loving her new brother and sister – both of whom are obsessed with her. There are a lot of court dates between now and adoption, but we have been named the prospective adoptive parents.

Please let us know if you have any donations for our new youth center