Fall Newsletter 2020

As we continue to move through 2020, I am certain that none of us will ever forget this year. Every month something new seems to shift our culture, our perspective, and our personal lives. The same goes for our ministry and we are certain that your support and prayers have had a HUGE impact on our year.

As the smoke starts to clear from a fiery summer in Northern California, the Sacramento Youth Center swings open our doors as a day camp. We open the doors to a NEW permanent space, one fully decked out with FREE Wifi, work & study spaces, a beautiful mural, and games for youth to enjoy as they socially distance from one another.

This summer brought a HUGE opportunity through a collaborative community grant program called #sacyouthworks – workforce training.

In early Spring many of you may have noticed that we developed a very relevant program called “How to Survive: A Guide for Teens” to help youth through the socio-emotional fallout of COVID-19. This guide led to us developing a Peer Mentoring program via a digital learning platform. Through #Sacyouthworks funding we were able to pay 23 refugee youth in workforce training, and helped them become a peer mentor to their isolated and struggling peers.

Our youth went on to mentor approximately 20 additional youth and our center added 14 new youth to our weekly online socio-emotional programs. We continue to build relationships, mitigate the COVID-19 mental health crisis that is affecting our youth and are reaching more youth every week!

This is ALL because of YOU and your commitment to our work.

Because of YOU refugee youth and local Sacramento youth have had a support system through COVDI-19. A blessing that youth and their parents have praised.

Because of YOU our center is supported and ready to serve distance learning students in our neighborhood. A blessing that our neighbors and local leaders are praising.

Because of you we are sharing God’s love through our programs and our platforms with GREAT IMPACT. A Blessing that we praise!

QUOTE FROM A REFUGEE YOUTH FROM AFGHANISTAN – After completing our workforce training and peer mentoring program she went on to get a job as a nursing assistant at Dignity Health in Sacramento! We are proud of her:

It helped me a lot with dealing with things and helping others to communicate with their friends and family.”

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

God Bless,

The Shipps