End of Summer


This summer has had some exciting developments for our work. Last week we finished out the summer with a trip to Portland to launch a refugee program there. We helped launch the program with an incredibly successful 4 days of life coaching with 15 students from Syria, Libya and Iraq.

During the summer, we partnered with another organization to start a learning center that can cater to our refugee and homeless population. We are excited for the access this will give us to refugee students.

We spent 5 weeks in Baja working on a project with StudentReach building houses for single moms, their stories are incredible and we are lucky to be able help them. You can learn more about their stories at studentreach.org/hopevillage . We also spent Fourth of July with some of our refugee students. It was fun to experience their first Independence Day.

Exciting things are happening with our work with Refugees and doors are opening up everywhere we look. We are excited to be a part of this important work