December Newsletter

10362196324_e4974df6bc_b(1)We have had an incredible three months in this last quarter of 2013. We have been able to be involved in some incredible ministry, witness incredible things, be a part of some incredible training, seen God provide in incredible ways. In the past three months we have had a team from California come and work their life coaching program and help us connect with our students on another level. We also had a friend from California come and use her skills for grief counseling to amazing results. We are praying that in both cases our friends from California caught our passion for the Somali people.

In this newsletter we could focus on either of those opportunities and fill up the entire newsletter, but we won’t instead we want to focus on the ministry that has been the most rewarding thing we have been able to be a part of. Within the several months Adam has begun discipling two Somalis, for this newsletter we will call them Roger and Mark. We cannot begin to tell you what an amazing opportunity this has been and how lucky we have been to be able to do this within our first year of ministry. We recently spoke with missionaries who have worked with Somalis for over 30 years and they have only see around 60 come to know Jesus. So being able to disciple two within our first year is a rare opportunity.

IMG_20131003_114900Both of the men Adam is discipling are at very different places in their faith. Roger has been a Christian for some time. In his time as a Christian, he never had an opportunity to learn about the Holy Spirit, so this is Adam’s focus when working with him. We were able to witness Roger’s baptism this month. Mark on the other hand is still at the beginning of his faith journey. He identifies as a Christian but has never had anyone teach him the bible and has never been to church.  Adam works on the basics of faith with Mark. Unfortunately Mark has moved to the United States, but that has opened up some opportunities. Adam and Mark have stayed in touch and with his move to the states Mark will no longer have to read his bible in secret and will be able to attend a church for the first time.

In our last newsletter we had the money raised for the car but we had not found one. God provided a vehicle above and beyond anything we could of hoped for. We would like to thank everyone involved; Jeff and Tanya Devoll, Studentreach, Mycampus, Sean Fitzhugh and his youth group, Josh Herndon and Sacred Church, and Marc Anderson and his youth group. It has been such a blessing to have a car both for our ministry and for us personally.

Since our last newsletter we have also learned that Raquel is pregnant and we are expecting our first child. Our due date is June 26th. We will remain here and take advantage of Kenya’s state of the art hospitals.

Thank you once again for your continu  ed support; we thank God every day for hiIMG_20131001_132251s provision through your donations. We pray for you often and hope you are doing well. In the New Year we plan on starting an e-newsletter that will happen between the quarterly print ones. If you are interested in receving them please send us your email to

Merry Christmas and Have a Happy New Year

-The Shipps