Communities Near and Far



Just a midweek update from Adam and Raquel. We are hard at work building homes for the impoverished of Baja California. We have been here for about a week and a half and with the help of the rest of our team and 120 other volunteers and students we will have built a total of 5 houses by the end of this week.


This week we had a few of our students from Sacramento join us. This is their second time coming on this trip this year. Both of the students come from a school that caters to at-risk students. During the school year we get to spend Tuesday afternoons with them presenting a life coaching curriculum. This program allows us to provide life skills and leadership training.

Because of all our supporters we are able to help the students from community we live in while also helping those in Mexico. The students are learning what it takes to become an outstanding citizen of this world from real world application.

Thank you to all of those who have given to us this year, it is because of you we are able to help students near and far.

There is much work to be done! We will post more updates after the trip.

Thank you,

Adam and Raquel Shipp