Big Day of Giving

On May 5th we are participating in the Big Day of Giving. We are using this opportunity to raise the funds for an important program Raquel and I have started. We have just begun our Life Coaching program with Muslim Refugee. We are using this program to work with Muslims in our area. The program will do a few key things;

  • Give refugees a chance to practice English
  • Teach refugees important cultural skills
  • Teach refugees to become successful contributing citizens

Right now this program is not funded. The program cost is $3,000 for a semester. The cost includes, curriculum, student activities, and scholarships for our Baja trip, Camp, and prizes for every week.

We are asking that you give above and beyond a special gift on May 5th to help fund this program. We will send you a reminder email on May 5th so that you can be a part of this day and give to the work we are doing.

Please make your special donation through this website on May 5th only. It is a tax deductible eligible donation. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

On MAY 5th Click here to give:

If you decide to give towards this program, please let us know that amount you wish to give. And you may be receiving a call from us on May 5th

Thanks so much!