Big Day of Giving 2017

Today is Big Day of Giving in Sacramento, and we would love you to give. I wanted to share with everyone one of our biggest needs. A couple of months ago we had a big influx of refugee students in our refugee program. Shortly after this influx we had one of our monthly field trips. This trip just happened to be to the Exploratorium in San Francisco.

As you know our program thrives on relationship building times like these. It’s the hours in the car and the times we are dissecting cow eyeballs together are when we can really speak into our students lives.

The influx of students caused us to have to turn away students from the trip. This was heartbreaking for us, we lost a time to get to know our newer students. While we have been able to get to know them over the last couple of months it highlighted our need for a 15-passenger van.

Today is the Big Day of Giving and every gift you give today will go towards purchasing a van for our work with refugees. As we are working with people who are learning about their new home, making sure each student is able to come with us is important. If you give today it will not only help towards a new van but also help raise StudentReach’s profile in the Sacramento area and create opportunities for funding through Grants.