Back in California

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SRaquel With Classometimes when we are in the middle of a story it is hard to see the end. When we reach the end however everything becomes clear and we see it wasn’t really the end but a new beginning. This is how our transition back to the United States has been.

In case you hadn’t heard we have returned to the United States to have our child and because we had discovered we weren’t in the right place. This was a difficult transition for us because we didn’t understand why it was happening. Now in retrospect, and with the help of our mentors and leaders, it is clear we have ended up where we are supposed to be.

While our geography has changed our job has not. We are going to continue working with refugees and Somalis. My last update was titled “The Problem with Nomads” and I mentioned how many of our students had moved to the United States. Safari SelfieWe are going to continue teaching those who have reached the United States. These people still have limited access their education needs and most community groups are not equipped to work with them.

We will reach them through programs that will help refugees transition to becoming a full members of society, while also providing resources to community groups to better help the refugees in their neighborhoods. We want to say a big thank you to all our financial partners. Without your help this would not be possible. Please continue to give as it is essential to helping these people. If you are not a financial partner please consider joining our team and helping us assist the refugees in California.

Thank You,

The Shipps



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