A Guitarist and a Make-up Artist

Working overseas and  with refugees in general, has allowed me to see the great impact that the first impressions of a place can have on a person. That initial experience can leave a lasting impression for years to come. This past month we added several new students to our Refugee Life Coaching class that we hold once a week. 2 of the newest members (brother and sister) are newly arrived the USA as of 3 weeks ago.

They came here with their mother and older sister. They are from Turkey but are originally from Afghanistan. They know very little English and are being pushed over the edge when it comes to taking a leap of faith.

Back in Turkey Natali worked in a store as a make-up artist. She is always sporting trendy fashions and has flawless make-up.

Richard her brother, is in high school (although he won’t restart his studies until the new school year). He loves martial arts and is a guitarist.

They both come to class every week. And through the small amount of English that I can get out of them, they don’t do much else with their time.

We are trying to get them to make new friends, as they mingle shyly with our other students, and we are trying to simply get them out of the house. The language we are teaching them is valuable but at this point the friendship we are allowing them to make with others is priceless.

With new friends comes new experiences, the likelihood of better success and positive experiences in a foreign new world.