A Fool’s Hope


I asked my students the other day to write a paper about themselves. My students range from Somali guys who have been in Kenya for years to guys who just came from Somalia a couple of months ago. The papers I got were varied and amazing. One student wrote about how his dream is to move to England so he can become a famous football player in the British premier league. He assured me that he would not forget about me once he became famous.

The most inspiring paper I got was from a student who told his life story and the end shared an inspiring dream. He wrote;

“When I graduate I will serve my people and my country to move forward and I would make Somalia the greatest nation on the world. This is my dream”

I was blown away by this. This is at the root of a lot of Somalis dreams of getting back home and making it a better place. I have had students sit and tell me they want to go to America to get their education but they will come back and help Somalia. They share how they don’t want to be like the others they know who go to America and never come back.

I hope that my student’s dream comes true. My hope of a better Somalia is probably different then his hope right now. But it is my goal to pour my life into this student so that someday he can go back with life for the Somali people. Even if what I do is a small part of his life I hope somehow; someway I will make a difference and that someday when Somalia is transformed into a place of peace, love, and acceptance I can say I helped.