A Day in the Life of a Refugee: Leaving


We are helping Refugees as they settle in the USA. Below is what a Refugee experiences just days before landing here in the USA.

Imagine this: You are leaving your home, your land, your family and friends. You are hoping for a life with peace and prosperity.

After many weeks of waiting for placement and for the final confirmation from your placement agency, you are making a final move to the USA. Visas have been cleared, plane tickets have been bought and now all you have to do is say goodbye.

You walk into your language class this morning filled with joy and maybe even a little bit of nervousness. You find your ESL teacher waiting patiently for the class to arrive, but instead of handing in homework you smile brightly and announce to your teacher that today is your last day.

Your teacher smiles and shares in your excitement and as the rest of the class trickles through the door many questions begin to be asked: 

Where will you live?

Who do you know in America?

When do you leave?

How long did it take you to get to this point?

What airline will you fly?

As you answer the questions many of them with a little bit of uncertainty,you notice the look of encouragement and sadness as your peers and teachers begin to say goodbye.

Finally it is time and the wishes of good luck, safe travels and good health are given. You shake your teachers hand and those of the students you are closest to and step out of the school for the last time. Tomorrow is the day that your board a plane and leave. Tomorrow is the day that you will see a dream finally realized.

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