A Day in the Life of a Life Coach (new blog high five!)




8:00am Suck down the first of 2 cups of coffee – Energy is key when your speaking to youth. You remember all the boring lectures of high school, don’t you? Ya I don’t either.

8:30am Go over all the personal stories you will tell that day, including the ones where I failed in life but did not give up. Your failures make the relationship more personal when you’re coaching kids on the brink of it.

9:00am Finish going over the weekly curriculum and maybe practice a ridiculous game so I look like a pro when I am teaching it to the students. Give myself a high five for being a cup stacking novice.

10:00am Brew my 2nd cup of coffee and get the baby’s bottle ready for the sitter, cause he isn’t ready to present life coaching material to students just yet.

10:30am Answer emails and print out the curriculum itinerary. Being organized and prepared is crucial when you are speaking to students. One missed piece or misspoken word could lead to loss of attention and complete fall-out and meltdown of classroom.

11:00am Finish that 2nd cup of coffee. Give the Baby a high five for being willing to let me be a life-coach.

11:30am Meet up with Life Coaching partner and go over the session items. Working in teams of two allows us to keep the crowd engaged and provides a back-up person when you need help get across your points.

12:15pm Head to the High School with ample time to ensure you’re not the late one to the session. At this point I start psyching myself out. Dont get nervous, they can smell the nervous. LOL

12:50pm Set-up the projector, ready the workbooks and let the caffeine take effect. At this point I might even give my life-coaching partner a high five.

1:00pm Life Coaching session begins. Time to share, teach and encourage life choices that will change not only the students but also the world through their choices.

2:00pm Before the session ends make sure to draw a winner from the participation raffle. Give high five to the winner.