From Somalia to San Diego

The past few weeks have been extremely busy for us. We all (baby included) spent 2 weeks working as leaders with Studentreach in Baja, Mexico, building homes for the impoverished of Vicente Guerrero. As we worked alongside 170 other volunteers we saw the labor of the work come to fruition with the gift of keys to a new home for 5 families and new school room opIMG_20140731_163334ening its doors for the first time.

While spending our weekend off between the multiple house builds Adam was able to get a look at a part of America many may not even be aware exists. San Diego a place known for its beautiful weather and coast is also home to a large population of Somali Refugees and Somali Americans. The past month of July was spent observing Ramadan by the Somali population. Ramadan the holy month of fasting by Muslims across the world is a yearly event ending with grand celebrations and great feasts. The rigorous fasting begins at Dawn and ends at dusk everyday. The meals consumed during this month of fasting are eaten in the dark hours only.

While exploring the neighborhood where a majority of the Somalis reside in within San Diego, Adam was reminded of the streets of the neighborhood in Kenya that we lived in. In both places the small shops featuring Somali goods and products line the streets with their hardworking shopkeepers sitting outside waiting to greet and persuade customers to buy from them.

Every time we drove through San Diego we were passing through a very specific part of America, a place that is home to a people that we would come to love. As many of you know before we left to Kenya in 2012, we took this same trip to Mexico multiple times per year for 4 years as we traveled to lead trips to build homes in Mexico.

Some may call this a strange coincidence or blind luck maybe even ignorance on our part, but one thing is for sure we have once again found a little slice of our African home in California and are looking for more opportunities to reach out and help the Somali Refugee population like we did in Africa.


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  1. Hi there Raquel…..You are an amazing young woman an that baby is soooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!! I enjoy reading your posts. Keep on GIVING!!! And let me know when you go again to Mexico!! I really want to go! Thanks!

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