5 Years Ago . . .

IMG_2867Raquel and I were in the process of planning our wedding. We had a crazy idea; we know it was crazy because everyone told us. We were going to get married on the beach in Mexico after a week building houses. We thought this would be a really cool way to begin our life together. Getting married at the end of a week spent building houses would represent the crazy life we had planed of living and working around the world and going on amazing adventures.

As it turned out we were not able to get married on a beach in Mexico. The week we had planned to get married got canceled. Although I did spend the weeks before our wedding in El Salvador and Mexico, working in feeding programs and building houses respectively, and we did get married on a beach.Wedding 083

We had always dreamed of living and working in Africa. Neither of us expected it to happen so soon that is for certain. But as we celebrate 5 years of marriage it is amazing to think of the adventure we have been on, and the amazing places we have gone and things we have done. We are grateful for every experience and are so fortunate to be here working with refugees.

This anniversary I am grateful for the amazing woman I married. I am so lucky to have someone willing to traipse around the world with me. Raquel, I love you and ( holds up my cup of camels milk tea ) here is to another 55 years of amazing adventures together!



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  1. Happy Anniversary! : )
    Also, I was JUST in Mexico where I first met you last year. Raquel’s dad and mom worked with RLC Galt on our house build and I bunked in the same dorm as your mom, Adam. You are all special people giving your lives to help others.

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