What do Nicaragua, Superbowl, Life-Coaching, and ESL Have in Common?

We have had a crazy start to the new year. We have packed about six months of activities into January. Right now I am sitting in the command center to help find missing children at Super Bowl. StudentReach is just one organization that is partnering with many, trying to prevent the exploitation of missing children.

At the beginning of the month I was in Nicaragua. We were busy the whole time working and planning for our summer trips. The first part of the trip we were in the mountainous jungle region. We got connected to a farmer who has helped start community groups in isolated places in the mountain, as well as start a feeding program for all the farm hands in the area. We presented our 3D program to 2 of his community groups, some of whom had never seen a movie before.

The second part of the trip we were in a small fishing villages working in schools in the area. These schools had never had a group like ours come in. We had a different approach then our normal one. We spent more time at schools building relationships, through playing games, crafts, and skits and then presented our 3D assembly, having a giveaway of backpacks filled with school supplies.

Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the western hemisphere after Haiti. 50% of the people in the country live in Poverty. School is free for them but they need to provide their own supplies. That is why providing backpacks for students is such a valuable work.

While I have been doing all of this Raquel has been equally as busy. She has been continuing our life coaching program with at-risk students at two continuation schools, and she has begun teaching English again to refugees from Afghanistan and Iraq.

Our partnership with a state funded refugee replacement agency continues to grow and we are looking forward to starting new programs with refugees in the next coming months. Keep checking our website or like our Facebook page to stay connected with the exciting things we are a part of.